At Taxidermy Boutique, most of our taxidermy products are awarded a grade based on the quality of the taxidermy, the look, and the size amongst others.  You will find a description of our different grades on this page.


World Class: 

    • No imperfections will be seen in this category.
    • Taxidermy quality will be world-class. 
    • All attributes will be of exceptional quality & record-class. 
    • The highest tier of products available


    • Highest quality products available in the market.
    • Very light naturally occurring imperfections tolerated.
    • Superior quality and trophy-class when applicable.


    • Surpass the quality of nice products found in the market. Only small, natural imperfections.
    • Taxidermy quality is Excellent.
    • No premium price tag.
    • Our most popular categories.


    • Taxidermy work is vintage or retro styled and varies in overall appearance.
    • Taxidermy quality may be inferior or substandard.